• fake

    • 美 [feɪk]


    • na.赝品;假货;冒充者 
    • 网络伪造;假装;冒充 


    • 1.冒充,诈骗;冒牌货,骗人货
    • 2.捏造者;〈美〉骗子
    • 3.魔术用具;假动作,假消息
    • 4.【航】盘索;【电】线圈;软焊料
    • 1.冒充,诈骗;冒牌货,骗人货
    • 2.捏造者;〈美〉骗子
    • 3.魔术用具;假动作,假消息
    • 4.【航】盘索;【电】线圈;软焊料
    • 1.假的,冒充的,骗人的
    • 1.伪造;捏造 (up)
    • 2.假装,装做
    • 3.卷(绳索)
    • 4.即席演奏
    • 5.作伪,造假货
    • 1.伪造;捏造 (up)
    • 2.假装,装做
    • 3.卷(绳索)
    • 4.即席演奏
    • 5.作伪,造假货


    • 1.a copy of something such as a painting or piece of jewelry that is intended to trick people
    • 2.someone who pretends to have skills that they do not really have
    • 1.made to look like something real in order to trick people; made to look like something else, especially something expensive; a fake action or feeling is false
    • 1.to pretend that something has happened when it has not
    • 2.to make an exact copy of something in order to trick people
    • 3.to pretend to have a feeling that you do not have


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    • 8.
      相同物理内存从而伪装(fake)了对进程地址空间的真实拷贝,直到有进程改变内 存中数据时才拷贝。
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    He said the suspected bomber has not been identified, but was carrying a fake driver's license from the U. S. state of Michigan.


    This allows the end user must face up to use positioning may be used for blocking the imitation, fake embarrassing situation.


    Like the oil overhang, when those inventories get 'mined, ' prices will likely suffer, transforming the head fake into a major headache.


    The trick was that three of the four fake players contributed reasonably to the kitty and took only a fair share, while the fourth did not.


    Back in the attorney-client visitation room, Lincoln is livid that evidence of a fake phone call isn't enough for a stay of execution.


    As if fake sick notes and illegal gambling weren't enough, Chinese fans are calling for the national men's team to be dismissed.


    Do it for a week and say hello to ten extra minutes of time for you. This is time you can spend putting your fake eyelashes on or something.


    And if you think finding out that Santa Claus is really just a fat old man with a hairy bottom and a fake beard was a horrific surprise.


    Jay convinced the governor to fire a fake bazooka at him and call him a "girly man" as part of the act.


    To a few days ago, Wang Shuo also openly said Yang Lan's husband is a "liar" and before long, WU Zheng also said the academic was a fake.


    He even did not show his displeasure when his family members put a fake braid on his head.


    It seems to me that many of the comments in the direction of: high speed trains are dangerous we don't need them, are artificial and fake.


    "Receipts, receipts" they brazenly shout, trying to hawk fake paid invoices from hotels, restaurants or office supply companies.


    actually am doing all that because its not allowed anymore in ksa to let any fake brands to inter the country.


    There is only one sort of dumb fake- question that should be tolerated .


    Given the steady stream of mind-boggling fake food news coming out of China lately â ' glow-in-the-dark pork, anyone?


    Ms. Fake said that gesture could be interpreted as a sign of good faith that Yahoo has "changed a great deal since we were there. "


    stands not a hundred yards away, Luz shook my hand had--and it wasn't a fake "smile with a broken heart" sort of grip, either.


    Richard Brodsky , the former New York Assemblyman, is talking to a man with a fake Fox News camera made of cardboard.


    The easy-to-operate fake hymens are also used by women in the Middle East, where pre-marital sex still has a strong social stigma.