• balloon

    • 美 [bəˈlun]


    • na.气球;热气球 
    • 网络气球状的;(货物等)分量轻而体积大的 


    • 1.轻气球,气球;气罐
    • 2.【印,纺】气圈
    • 3.【建】球饰
    • 4.【化】球形大烧瓶
    • 5.(漫画中人物的)讲话引线
    • 1.轻气球,气球;气罐
    • 2.【印,纺】气圈
    • 3.【建】球饰
    • 4.【化】球形大烧瓶
    • 5.(漫画中人物的)讲话引线
    • 1.激增
    • 2.用[坐]气球上升
    • 3.膨胀如气球
    • 4.〈美〉(演员)忘记台词
    • 5.使充气,使膨胀如气球
    • 1.激增
    • 2.用[坐]气球上升
    • 3.膨胀如气球
    • 4.〈美〉(演员)忘记台词
    • 5.使充气,使膨胀如气球
    • 1.气球状的
    • 2.(货物等)分量轻而体积大的
    • 3.(分期付款)最后一笔大数目的


    • 1.a large strong bag filled with gas or hot air that can float in the air. Some balloons have a large basket hanging under them in which people can travel.; a small colored bag of thin rubber that you fill with air, used as a child’s toy or a decoration; a small bag that a doctor puts into a part of your body and fills with air in order to force something out
    • 2.a circle around the words spoken by characters in cartoon drawings
    • 1.to become larger and rounder in shape
    • 2.to increase very quickly in amount or degree


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    Professor Fergusson plans to make aviation history by making his way across Africa by balloon.


    If the implementation is just a bit insecure, a hole is opened on the boundary: the balloon deflates or, worst case, explodes.


    The slum in early spring nighttime, the sky is a balloon, a few slogans on the wall, an one female of male is turning on a light.


    The new museum building looks like a balloon lying on its side ready to launch. Outside is a real balloon ready to take visitors for a ride.


    "We're going to go back to the United States soon, our life is there, " he said, holding a heart-shaped pink balloon.


    Before humans were sent up in the balloon, a test flight was made using three animals: a sheep, a duck, and a rooster.


    And the owner of the balloon wasn't very big. . . but he was big enough for George to see that he was angry!


    To prevent scar tissue from returning, your doctor may give you estrogen and place a balloon in your uterus for up to a week after surgery.


    Bob mentioned the class presidency to Ted as a trial balloon to see if Ted might be interested in running.


    The balloon and stent are delivered to the heart area via a long catheter inserted into a blood vessel in the patient's thigh.


    I wish I was like a runaway balloon, like a tiny o in the sky, so tiny-tiny you have to close your eyes to see it.


    By winning the popular vote, there is no doubt Mrs Clinton punctured Mr Obama's balloon in Ohio and Texas, but she did not deflate it.


    If inflation picks up in China to the point where the authorities stamp down on domestic demand, thus making the trade surplus balloon.


    They found a tumor on the back of her brain. It was big, about the size of a baseball. It is a balloon kind of mass; not malignant.


    I have here a ball-- you may call it a balloon, but I call it a ball because there's no helium in it.


    As she stands there, ignored by you and her friends, and no longer the center of attention, her social value deflates like a popped balloon.


    The house whirled around two or three times and rose slowly through the air. Dorothy felt as if she were going up in a balloon.


    Classmates laugh at me, let me unable to mind, they laugh at me with a balloon, has been too naive.


    Off the bikes you'll take a flight out to Everest, go on an elephant safari and hot air balloon over the Kathmandu Valley.


    Sonya was "making cheeses , " and had just whirled her skirt into a balloon and was ducking down, when he came in.